Discrete Amplifiers

R2R Buffered Pre-Amp.

clip_image004Adam Walker has produced an incredible looking pre-amplifier, In this article he talks though his build. Although casework was manufactured for him by a couple of companies the design work for the front panel is his own. This project really shows off the resources that are available to the hobby builder from specialist firms. Adams design I think really shows that home built equipment can rival and surpass many commercially available audiophile equipment. In Adams words…

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complete_bufferThis is my version of the Pedja Rogic Buffer.  The Jfet buffer is a very popular project with "gaincloners"


It uses a 2SK170 jfet at the input.  this is cascoded with an IRF510 chip and current limited by a J310.


So far I am in the testing stage with the buffer, but all appears well.  The Oscilloscope shows a very nice sine wave,

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