TV-B-Gone Kit [N. America/Asia v1.1] - $15.00

tvbgonekit_LRG You may have read already my review/build article on the TV-B-Gone Kit that I recently bought from Adafruit.  Well I spotted in my e-mail this morning that Adafruit is having a clearout.  They have a new TV-B-Gone kit in the pipeline and wish to clear through stocks of their existing kit.

Their announcement doesn’t mention too much about the new kit other than that it will include codes for all regions. The one on sale is pre-loaded with North American and Asian remote control codes. 

However if you have the USB Attiny programmer, also available from  Adafruit, you can reprogram the discounted TV-B-Gone kit with one of several firmwares available on the web.

I love my TV-B-Gone, its a great toy and every inner child will love you for treating yourself to one.  Just be careful, the temptation to switch off a football match in the bar is likely to land you in trouble!

TV-B-Gone Kit [N. America/Asia v1.1] - $15.00 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits